The Greek Deadpool – The impossible story of Sergeant Dimitrios Itsios

This man was a sergeant of the Greek Army, his name was Dimitrios Itsios. He was fighting in a pillbox position in the Metaxa line of defense, during the Battle of Greece in early April 1941. He saw the Germans flanking his position, so he ordered his men to retreat and he stayed back with two of his friends to provide cover for his men, later he will be credited with the kill of more than 250 German soldiers using 38.000 rounds of ammunition, making the Germans believe they were fighting a whole division and so asked air support from the Luftwaffe! Itsios and his men only surrender after they had no more bullets to use, after that the German officer asked them: “Where is the army that was defending against me and who is in command?” and Itsios replied: “We are the army, and I am in command.” The german officer in shock tells him: “Congratulations soldier, you lived up to your ancestors spirit.” Itsios then replied: “I just did my duty.” And the officer replies: “And now I must do mine, congratulations. Execute him!” and so a man shot Itsios in cold blood. Let it be known that during the battle of Metaxa line the Germans lost almost 800 men in total, this means that Itsios killed almost 40% of all German casualties in a day, alone with an old machine gun, that’s a bad, bad motherfucker.