Dreams come in the shape of an M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

 The M2 Bradley is the main in Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) of the United States Armed Forces, Saudi Arabia’s, Lebanon’s, and soon Croatia’s. It was first designed and produced in the early 80s as a NATO answer to the BMP-1 IFV. Since then it has fought in countless wars, with the Gulf Wars being the most prominent ones (Desert Storm – Iraqi Freedom). Since its inception, it has become the most feared IFV in the world and thanks to its constant upgrades, it is still to this day a very important asset for any military to have. It’s armor is one, if not the best in non-main battle tanks (MBTs) and it’s effectiveness, especially in the A3 version is unparalleled. It has a crew of 3 men and up to 6 men can fit inside. It has a 25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun, 2 launchers for BGM-71 TOW missiles with 7 missiles, capable of destroying targets at 4km. Its electronics and optics are also incredible and it can provide armored formations with high situational awareness and protection. Finally the Bradley Urban Survival Kit (BUSK) is an upgrade similar to the M1 Abrams TUSK kit and it provides extra armor protection to the vehicle. Greece is in talks for many years about finding a suitable IFV for its armored formations, and I strongly believe that the M2 Bradley is the best choice for the Hellenic Armed Forces, if the USA allow the sale of TOW-2A/B missiles.