Russia to conduct 5 acceptance test launches of Tsirkon hypersonic missile

TASS Russian news agency

The source told TASS:

“Acceptance trials of Tsirkon will begin in November and will last until December 2021. Five launches are planned and they will be aimed at sea and ground targets,”

NPO Mashinostroenia producer of the missile refused comment.

Earlier in the year, the Admiral Gorshkov participated in the trials of Tsirkon and performed several successful test launches. The Severodvinsk nuclear submarine then test fired the missile and opened the way to acceptance trials.

Naval News comments:

The first-in-class frigate test fired the Tsirkon (sometimes spelled Zirkon) hypersonic missile four times last year: In December, in early October and in November 2020. The first Tsirkon test launch from a warship was scheduled in late 2019, but took place in January 2020. A ground target was hit for the first time during a test conducted in July 2021. The missile was tested for the first time from Yasen-class submarine K-560 Severodvinsk in October 2021.

Open sources said the hypersonic 3M-22 missile was designed by NPO-Mashinostroeniya in Reutov in Moscow region. It is a part of 3K-22 (Tsirkon code) complex which NATO reports as SS-N-33.The missile can develop a speed of Mach 9 and fly at an altitude of 30-40 km where the range and speed increase as air resistance is smaller. Experts estimate the payload at 300-400 kg and the missile length at 8-10 meters. Tsirkon is to be fired from universal vertical launchers 3S-14 on warships and submarines and from Bastion mobile coastal missile launchers.